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Kim Kardashian Cat | 2 Cats Story and Interesting Poem

Unique Summary

Kim Kardashian is a beautiful actress. She is famous and known for many things as well including her reality TV show. She has also a wonderful career in her beauty empire. She is also famous for her marriage to Kanye West. The Interesting thing about her is that she had two beautiful cats. Both cats were white, fluffy, and beautiful. Kim named both of them Mercy.

Unexpectedly, one cat died in December 2012. The cat died from a rare and fatal virus that attacked her stomach. She died just three months after Kim got her. Kim was heartbroken after her cat’s death. But as we know every soul will taste death one day.

While the good news about the 2nd cat is that she is still alive and happy.

Beautiful Poem about Kim’s Cats

There is a beautiful poem about the Kim Kardashian Cats and I hope you love it.

Kim Kardashian had a cat

A teacup Persian, white and fat

She named it Mercy

after Kanye’s song But sadly,

it did not live long

She gave it to her sister’s aide

Who loved the kitty and often played

But Mercy had a virus in her tummy

And soon she left this world, so gloomy

Kim Kardashian mourned her cat

She missed her Mercy, white and fat

She got another one, just like the first

But North said no, it’s Frosty, not Merc

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